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  • Temperature Control 

  • Temperature Control of vehicle components
    (high voltage electronic systems, powertrain, battery)  

  • Air Quality & Humidity (Co2, odours, viruses, dust, etc.) 

  • Noise Reduction of airborne sound 

  • Air flow/velocity 


An optimized climate is the epitome of thermal comfort and goes far beyond mere temperature. With its mobile use in mind, we are always on the lookout for solutions that enable the improvement of the climate inside a wide range of vehicle cabins. Focusing on the system as a whole, we also consider air quality and humidity, air flow and velocity, as well as the reduction of airborne noise, among other factors.

Ensuring and further developing these elements in human day-to-day life is one of our main objectives. A prime example in mobile use: thermal comfort inside public transport or private RV’s. Transported goods or components, such as batteries, also require sensitive thermal management and need constant monitoring, or even better: sustainable improvement of their transport conditions. 




  • Technologies for self-sufficient engery
    (autarky/off the grid)  

  • Backup / Mobile Energy Supply 

  • Controlling & monitoring of energy supply 

  • Diagnosis  


Secondary energy supply is more in demand than ever. It essentialle deals with self-sufficient energy supply, reserve energy supply as well as its monitoring, control and diagnosis. In other words: A reliable energy supply that is off the grid. To meet this demand with innovative solutions, we support the development of self-sufficiency of publiv utilities and applications in addition to complementing existing grids.

Whether it´s securing the energy supply of rural areas or relieving the strain on cities at peak times: We welcome a wide range of approaches in the field of secondery energy. Starting with renewable or mobile solutions such as energy storage and solar energy to their intelligent control and monitoring. The mission: secondary energy at any time and any place.




  • Mid & Last Mile 

  • Controlling & monitoring of supply chain  

  • Tracking & diagnosis 



We are very interested in discovering innovative solutions for temperature-sensitive transportation that further develop, connect, and digitalize the entirety of a supply chain. Why? Because the transport of particularly temperature-sensitive and perishable goods is becoming increasingly demanding. The result: High standards.

To not only meet them, but also to permanently improve them, we strive to advance the gathering, tracking and handling of data along a wide variety of supply chains. This ensures traceability and reporting that leaves no gaps, with particular focus on the mid and last mile. 




  • Reporting, monitoring & controlling  

  • Tracking & diagnosis 

  • Display  


And which aspect perfectly unifies all the focus areas mentioned above? In today's globalized world, the answer is, of course, Digitalization & Connectivity. Mature physical products are thus complemented by their digital counterpart. Due to its essential role, the identification and development of novel approaches in this focus area is essential for us.

Thermal comfort, temperature-sensitive supply chains and energy supply - Solutions and approaches that advance the connectivity of these fields with the help of technologies such as AI or the latest hardware solutions are not only needed – They are sought after.

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